Bison Kebabs

Bison Kebabs
From reading the blog so far, you might have assumed we’re now only eating fish and chicken. Not so. We love our red meat! Watch for future posts about lamb and pork, but today we’re sharing our newfound appreciation for BISON (also called buffalo).

Bison basically tastes a lot like beef — some say it’s tastier — but it’s much leaner so we can have more of it. In fact, it’s in the same category with shrimp and the other “leanest” proteins, so on our program we can have seven ounces (cooked weight). We’d be limited to five ounces of beef steak.

Treat it pretty much like you would beef. We prepared the kebabs by cutting up a bison sirloin into roughly uniform bite-sized pieces and threading them onto skewers. We then dabbed them lightly with some olive oil and grated some sea salt and pepper onto them. Cooked them on a high-heat grill for only a couple of minutes per side. (Skewered meat cooks quicker than a solid piece of steak). Here are some tips on cooking bison from the National Bison Association.

We’ve also done bison rib-eyes in the same manner with a grill time of about 3-4 minutes per side.

Do let the meat rest for a few minutes after it comes off the grill.

That’s grilled eggplant next to the bison in the photo.

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