Seven Day Meat-Free Challenge!

Meatless WeekWith all the seafood goodness from Groomer’s at our disposal, we’re already eating fish for half the week, so last week we decided to go the distance and avoid meat the whole week. We had a really great week, coming up with some great flavor combinations and refining our approach to our frittata.¬†

Here’s what we had:

  • Monday: broiled salmon with wilted spinach & fresh garlic (pictured above lower right)
  • Tuesday: blackened mahi mahi on the grill, served with broccoli
  • Wednesday: frittata¬†with chunky zucchini, red & orange bell pepper and fresh garlic (pictured above upper right)
  • Thursday: pan-seared* cobia with sauteed zucchini & green peppers (pictured above lower left)
  • Friday: chipotle shrimp served over braised vegetables
  • Saturday: scallop slaw
  • Sunday: broiled black cod** & salad with low-fat dressing (pictured above upper left)
  • * seared in a cast-iron skillet with only a light coating of Pam cooking spray.
  • ** cod was marinated in a mixture of soy, rice wine vinegar, siracha, garlic, Yuzu, zest and juice of lemon, pepper, and some green onion. Some of the marinade was reserved for use as a “sauce”.

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