Why “Healthy Noms”?

What’s up with the name “Healthy Noms,” you ask? Simple, really. Years of eating out together and with “foodie” friends had spoiled our palates for home cooking. A lot. Unfortunately, the food we were eating out features oversize portions, and includes excessive amounts of fat, sugar, and carbs. So we’re learning to cook meals that satisfy the senses while staying on program. Nom nom nom, but in a healthy way!

scuse me, HEALTHY NOMS?!

In order to be successful on this program, we had to make eating at home as pleasurable as we’d found eating out to be. To do that, we recognized that we had to put a little bit extra into the preparation of our meals. This means paying attention to details, including:

  • High quality, fresh ingredients (locally grown a plus)
  • Visually appealing plates: presentation matters
  • Packing the meals with flavor: creative use of spices and seasonings

Additionally, of course, like most families, we don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours preparing dinner when we get home from work. Quick & easy is important.

Hence, “Healthy Noms” = healthy dishes that satisfy the senses like chef-prepared meals do.

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